How to save money while travelling abroad

Relaxing in the sea
Relaxing in the sea

Going on holiday is often something that we look forward to for months beforehand.

We can't wait to sit back, relax and enjoy some time away from the office.

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But, there's a few things that can be worrying about going on holiday - namely how much is it actually going to cost us?

In 2016 holidaymakers from the UK were likely to spend an average of £974 per person on a summer holiday, which includes a whopping £288 on spending money.

Of course there are plenty of ways to save money here and there throughout the year to put towards your break, but there's plenty more you can do as well.

Luckily the users over at HotUKDeals have put together some great tips on how to save money before and during your trip.

Have a look at the suggestions below and see how much you save this year.

Shop around

As well as looking at various different comparison sites, it's always worth seeing if it's any cheaper to book your flights and accommodation separately. This can often save you a pretty penny. Remember to clear the cache on your computer to avoid prices rocketing as you hop between sites.


Always check that your credit or debit card is going to work in the country that you're going to. Don't panic if not - there are plenty of pre-paid card options around, including Monzo and Revolut. Both of which offer favourable exchange rates when used abroad. Revolut also offers free spending and cash withdrawal.

Plan ahead

If you're planning on doing day trips, tours or visiting museums and popular tourist hotspots then it's definitely worth looking online to see if you can book ahead. This often means lower prices and you might even be able to skip the queue! When hiring cars, a pre-bought car hire excess insurance policy can save money versus the car hire company's daily cover.

Check your phone

Not being aware of international roaming charges can leave a real sting when you get your bill back at the end of the month. Some phone providers are now offering free roaming in Europe so it's worth double-checking your contract or asking if you can have the option added to your agreement. Remember you can download Google Maps to use offline as well which can make getting around a lot easier.

Resist the urge

Don't get carried away and make unnecessary purchases in the airport and on-board the plane. It can be a lot more expensive and while it might be worth it at the time, you may regret paying nearly £5 for a pot of Pringles later in the holiday!


Staying away from the restaurants and cafes full of tourists is a good idea for many reasons but mainly because they're likely to be a lot more expensive that the places where locals eat. The other bonus is that you'll get a flavour for real life in your destination!

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