TV's Peston refutes Defence Secretary's claim Corbyn blamed terror attacks on UK

Sir Michael Fallon has attracted criticism for claiming Jeremy Corbyn said terror attacks were "Britain's fault" in a heated exchange that ended with ITV's Robert Peston banging his head on the desk.

The Defence Secretary insisted that Mr Corbyn had attempted to draw links between British foreign policy and terror attacks, to which Mr Peston said: "He said no such thing."

Sir Michael replied: "He did. I've got his words here. He said foreign policy has been increasing the threat to this country.

"He said that in his speech on Friday and this is nonsense."

Mr Peston intervened, saying: "This is not the same thing as saying the terrorist attacks are our fault.

"Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, made exactly the same point a few years ago."

The pair failed to agree on Mr Johnson's words about the Iraq War, which were reportedly written in 2005 following the 7/7 London bombings.

Mr Peston could be seen hitting his head on the desk as the credits rolled at the end of the Peston On Sunday interview, where he also grilled Sir Michael on Conservative plans for social care and immigration.