Theresa May tells of 'harrowing' visit to victims of Manchester suicide bombing

The Prime Minister has described her "harrowing" visit to Manchester Children's Hospital to meet victims of the suicide bomb attack, saying the atrocity was "particularly sickening" because it targeted young people.

Theresa May visited the hospital on Tuesday to meet some of those injured in the Manchester Arena bombing and the medics treating them.

Recalling one girl who she met, Mrs May told the Sunday Express: "The young girl was being incredibly brave about what must have been an absolutely traumatic experience for her.

"I also saw her parents who rushed to the scene as soon as they heard there had been this terrible attack with their daughter caught up in it.

"What was clear to me was the intense trauma of this. There are the physical injuries that people go through and that have to be treated in hospital.

"But there is also the impact of the memories of what you have seen and what you have been through. It must have been horrific for parents to receive that phone call."

Seven children under 18 were among the 22 people killed when Salman Abedi targeted the Ariana Grande concert, and Mrs May said the young age of many of those involved added to the outrage over the murderous attack.

"That's what has really struck home when talking to world leaders and receiving condolences from across the globe," she said.

"Every terror attack is terrible. People lose their lives, are injured and are affected for ever.

"But this has been particularly sickening. Across the world people have seen that, because children have been caught up in it."

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