Election day ahead: Jeremy Corbyn to campaign in Scotland

:: On the campaign trail today

Jeremy Corbyn will accuse the Scottish National Party of "passing on Tory austerity" as he takes Labour's General Election campaign to Glasgow on Sunday. With Labour trailing behind the SNP and Conservatives in Scotland, Mr Corbyn is hoping to boost his party's chances of improving on their solitary seat north of the border in the 2015 election.

:: What's in the news?

The slaughter of music fans in Manchester on Monday jolted the election debate on to a new course, placing the issues of security, extremism and community cohesion front and centre.

As polls showed the gap between the Conservatives and Labour narrowing, The Sunday Times reports that Tory strategists are returning to the core message of strength and stability as Britain negotiates Brexit.

The Observer reports of growing demands for the Prime Minister to face down anti-EU forces in the Tory party. Security experts have told the newspaper that full participation in security and intelligence co-operation with the bloc will be critical in the fight against terrorism.

The Sunday Telegraph reports a pledge by the Prime Minister to create a Commission for Countering Extremism with a remit to clamp down on "unacceptable cultural norms".

:: Who's saying what?

"Britain is one of the world's most successful multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural societies. But our enjoyment of Britain's diversity must not prevent us from confronting the menace of extremism, even if that is sometimes embarrassing or difficult to do" - Theresa May in an interview with the Sunday Express.

"I'm asking the people of Scotland not to take a gamble on your future. We don't have to accept the politics of division and austerity. Things can, and they will, change under a Labour government for the many not the few" - from a speech Mr Corbyn will deliver to a rally at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow.