Which celebrity couple is worth over $1 billion - and why?

Sarah Coles

Step aside David and Victoria Beckham, because there's a celebrity power couple which makes the £500m fortune of Team Beckham pale into insignificance. The mega-wealthy superstar couple are Beyonce and JayZ, and their wealth has just been estimated at a jaw-dropping $1.16 billion (£895 million).

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According to Forbes, Jay Z has pulled his weight particularly effectively, and is now worth £625 million. His enormous wealth comes as much from impressive money-making decisions as from his musical prowess.

Years ago he invested in Uber, and among his most successful ventures are his Armand de Brigand champagne, D'Usse cognac and entertainment company Roc Nation. The latter brings together artist management, a sports agency and a record label. The company also recently launched an arm called Arrive - to invest in start-ups.

Both Jay Z and Beyonce also have a significant stake in music streaming service Tidal.

Beyonce is worth £270 million, much of which comes from her enormously successful music - including her multi-award-winning album Lemonade - and massive sell-out tours (complete with merchandise sales). However, she hasn't limited herself to income from music alone. Like any artist, she has a string of endorsement deals, from L'Oreal and H&M to Toyota and a range of vegan meals - along with a successful range of perfumes. She also runs a management company, Parkwood Entertainment, and a clothing brand called Ivy Park.

The Brits giving them a run for their money

The enormous wealth of the pair, perhaps, doesn't come as a huge shock. They have, after-all been near the top of the pile of celebrity couples for years (only challenged by Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady - and Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris when they were together). What does come something more of a shock is that even this fortune is a drop in the ocean when compared to the money some far less rock and roll couples have amassed in the UK.

Forget Philip and Tina Green, among the most impressive are Douglas and Dame Mary Perkins, who each own 50% of Savers and are worth a combined £1.6 billion. Then there's Chris Dawson, the founder of The Range, and his wife Sarah, who between them are worth £1.9 billion. One of the most striking facts about Chris is that he left school unable to read or write.