Queen to visit tenant farmers in Duchy of Lancaster

The Queen will visit tenant farmers in the Duchy of Lancaster - held by the reigning sovereign since the 14th century.

The monarch will see several properties in Staffordshire, which is one of a number of pieces of land, known as parcels, that make up the duchy.

As Duke of Lancaster, the Queen will be shown how the land is being put to use, visiting a livestock farm, equestrian centre and a handful of the estate's residential lettings.

After the tour, she will enjoy a private lunch with tenants.

In all, the duchy's rural estates span 18,433 hectares of land across both England and Wales, of which 2,995 hectares make up the area known as the Staffordshire Survey.

The majority of the holdings are in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Lincolnshire, however the duchy also has a commercial property portfolio in central London.

The title Duke of Lancaster has been held by the reigning sovereign since the reign of Henry IV in 1399.

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