Could a children’s toy increase the value of your home?

Lego bannister

A children's toy could transform your home, and encourage buyers to snap it up - apparently. Lego lovers have been building incredible interiors using the plastic bricks, and used right, it could add value to your home.

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Lego fashions have taken flight on social media. Fans of the little multi-coloured bricks have made everything from handbags to shoes from their favourite children's toys. They are being shared and liked by millions, and among some of the most popular trends are interior designs.

Fashionable interiors, like a Lego feature, can add thousands of pounds to the value of a property, and if you buy the bricks in bulk on eBay, can be made for less than you might think.

Lego has a huge advantage when it comes to interiors, because you can create almost anything that you can think of. Spokesperson for Plentific, Stephen Jury, commented: "People are always looking for new and exciting ways to revamp their homes, and Lego has provided just the tool for homeowners to design their own unique decorations around the house. With hundreds of different colours and shapes, carrying out decoration work using Lego bricks provides unlimited options and ensures each design is customised to the homeowners taste."

If you buy into the trend wholeheartedly, you could opt for a major project - like the staircase and bannister above. This has been built in a loft in Chesea, New York, and used an incredible 20,000 Lego bricks.

If the idea of walking on Lego makes you wince, then you could opt for an entire interior wall made from plastic bricks. This partition wall is actually made from 55,000 bricks in a variety of colours. The wall apparently took a year to design, and if you look closely, you can see some clever secrets hidden in the patterns.

Lego wall

This Lego kitchen splashback, meanwhile, is a brilliant idea, and capitalises on the fact the bricks are so easy to wipe clean - assuming you fill the gaps so nothing gets stuck in them. The use of different size bricks means adding little details such as functioning windows and doors is easy, and due to the structure of the bricks, keeping features like wall sockets exposed for that all important coffee maker is simple.

Lego splashback

If you fancy peppering your home with a few ideas - without such a dramatic commitment to the look, meanwhile, there are a number of clever options. This key holder, for example, allows you to click your Lego keyring onto the Lego backboard - so you never lose your keys again.

Lego keyholder

Alternatively, there are options like this Lego clock, which uses a basic clock mechanism, and can be redesigned any time you feel like a bit of a change. You could even customise the hour markers using Lego figurines or mark out individual numbers using smaller Lego pieces.

Lego clock
One Lego fan has even constructed their own Lego table. It could be a brilliant solution if you have unusually-sized diners or an odd space for your table, as you can build it to the dimensions that best suit your needs.

Lego table

The other big advantage of this particular trend is that if - god forbid - the look ever drops out of fashion, you can always dismantle your features and get back every penny you spent by selling the bricks on eBay again.

But what do you think? Do you fancy the Lego trend? Let us know in the comments.

The ten most valuable home improvements
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The ten most valuable home improvements

If you have the cash (and the planning permission) by far the best way to add value is to increase the floor space, by either converting the attic or extending into the garden. Work that adds an extra bedroom will typically add 12% to the value of the property, so a £20,000 outlay will easily add at least this much value. 
If this is beyond your budget, you should focus on increasing the space through clever storage solutions. In a bedroom, for example, by investing in clever under-bed storage, adding high shelves, and investing in taller wardrobes, you can turn a cramped single room into a spacious one - or convert a single into a double.

This is a surprisingly cost-effective way to boost the value. Admittedly you'll have an outlay of anywhere between £5,000 and £30,000, but if you choose a style that complements the architecture of your home, match the flooring to the rest of the downstairs, and make sure the conservatory feels like part of the rest of the house, you can add 7% to the value of the property.
If you live in an area where parking is in high demand, then by turning the front garden into a drive you can add as much as £40,000 to the value of the property. You may need planning permission, and you will have to apply to the council to have the curb lowered, but the time and money will be repaid several times over. Rather than chucking down tarmac, it's worth looking at a garden that incorporates greenery, which will mean you're not contributing to the flood risks in the area.
If you are selling in the near future, this is important, because you need to entice people in. At the very least paint the front door and touch up painting on the windows. You should also fix any guttering and give it all a good clean. Your home should stand out for the right reasons.
This is where most people will spend a good chunk of their time at home, so not only will you add value, you'll also benefit from any changes most. If you can stretch to a new kitchen you could add 5% to the value of your property. However, if you don't have the thousands of pounds required for that kind of change, just by replacing the doors for something more modern, putting down stylish flooring, and investing in fashionable appliances, you can add significant value.
You don't need to spend much. If you already have serviceable white suite, you can add a chrome heated towel rail, glass screen instead of a shower curtain, new mirror, or even a power shower, and you can add value to the property without the disruption and expense of a new bathroom.
This isn't cheap, but if the house is short of bathrooms, building one can add 10% to the value of the home. Increasingly buyers will come to expect them, so you'll dramatically add to the number of potential buyers by being able to tick that box.
The Energy Saving Trust estimates that if you upgrade from an old gas heavyweight boiler to a new condenser boiler, someone living in the average three bed-room semi could save around £500 a year. The costs involved mean that it could take just over three years before you start seeing a financial return, but from then on you're in the money.
In a poorly insulated attic, around 30% of all the heat in your house is going straight upstairs to escape out of the roof. This simple DIY job will save you £200 a year or more on your heating bills - so will pay you back almost immediately.
Artex ceiling or wall

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