Woman set to fight to regain care of son 'living with drug dealers'

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A 23-year-old student is preparing for the latest round of a four-year legal fight to regain the care of her six-year-old son after complaining that the youngster is living at the home of convicted drug dealers.

The woman had agreed to relatives of her former boyfriend becoming her son's guardians after giving birth when 17.

But she says three members of his new family had been given jail terms after being convicted of drug trafficking and dealing offences.

She is worried about the lifestyle members of his new family lead and wants him back.

The woman began her battle in 2013 and has represented herself at a series of family court hearings because she cannot afford lawyers and is not eligible for legal aid.

A High Court judge granted an appeal in April and ordered a fresh investigation into the boy's circumstances.

Mr Justice Peter Jackson, who analysed the case in the Family Division of the High Court in London and said the boy could not be identified, ruled that a family court judge should oversee a new trial.

The woman says she has been told that the fresh trial will start at a family court in Guildford, Surrey, on June 27.