British wingsuit pilot aims to break four records in 40,000ft jumps

A British wingsuit pilot is looking to break four records - including becoming the fastest daredevil in the world - as he leaps from more than 40,000ft (12,200m).

Former aerospace safety engineer Fraser Corsan is looking to become the first wingsuit pilot to jump from that altitude, as well as taking titles for the longest time flown, fastest speed and furthest distance.

He is hoping to surpass 234mph, fly for longer than nine minutes and travel 20 miles (32.1km) across two jumps later this month.

Mr Corsan said: "Human flight has always fascinated me and to actually fly with the wingsuits is something that captures the imagination of many people.

"However, one of the real challenges we have is 'how far can we take it?' So for me it's about let's evolve the suit and let's evolve what we can do.

"To achieve all of the four records in one jump is extremely difficult... by setting these records we actually raise the bar a little bit further."

He said any new records he sets could be surpassed in the future, but added: "For now, we want to take these records and set a new standard."

The attempts, which have been named Project Cirrus, will take place in the US and Canada - with funds being raised for armed forces charity SSAFA.

The custom made Phoenix-Fly Vampire Alpine suit has been shaped to Mr Corsan's body, and he'll be flying with an oxygen mask, a GPS and heated gloves to avoid wind burns, while experiencing temperatures of -50c to -70c.

Mr Corsan made his first parachute jump in 1996 and has made more than 1,300 wingsuit jumps over the past two decades, travelling 7,800 miles (12,500km) in freefall.

He said: "Ironically, I do have a background in safety. My old boss used to joke, 'How do I actually sell you as a safety engineer when you jump out of planes at the weekend?'

"The first wingsuits arrived in the late 90s - I wanted to fly them as soon as I saw them.

"Once I had made that (first) flight, I knew this was for me. It was the closest you could be to a real human flying."

:: Here are the current records and targets that Mr Corsan has set for himself:

Highest altitude jumped: 37,265ft

Target: 40,000ft

Longest time flown: nine minutes, six seconds

Target: 10 minutes

Highest speed flown in a wingsuit: 234mph

Target: 250mph

Furthest distance flown: 17.5 miles

Target: 20 miles