Free runner Nye Frankie Newman's ashes to be scattered in 100 countries - mother


The ashes of a teenage free runner who died on the Paris metro will be scattered around the world, his mother said.

Nye Frankie Newman, from Aldershot, was involved in a "train accident on the Metro" on January 1.

His mother, Deborah Malone-Newman, told the BBC they hoped Nye's ashes could be scattered in 100 countries by giving them to family and members of his parkour group.

The 17-year-old was a keen participant of the craze, which sees people climb and jump over obstacles and buildings in urban environments.

She told the broadcaster her son was not "train surfing" when he was killed.

"He was sightseeing with his girlfriend - they were on their way to the fireworks - he was trying to take a picture, popped his head out the train door and a heavy object hit his head," she said.