How much do UK professionals need to earn to feel wealthy?

Professional workers in the UK need to earn at least £370,000 per year to feel wealthy, research suggests.

Salary benchmarking site asked more than 1,500 professionals if they considered themselves to be wealthy to make the findings.

While people in the UK tended to see themselves as wealthy if they were earning at least £370,000, in France people needed to be earning around £310,000 to feel wealthy and in Switzerland they needed £208,000, the research found.

Like those in the UK, professionals in the United States also generally felt wealthy if they were earning at least £370,000.

The amount people needed to earn to feel wealthy also varied with age, with people with up to five years' experience needing to earn £93,000 typically and those who had been working for 10 to 15 years needing £355,000.

Feelings of wealth also varied by profession, with only one in four (25%) people working in financial services feeling wealthy, compared with nearly a third (30%) of insurance industry workers.

Only 15% of technology workers felt wealthy, as did 19% of those working in the media, music or gaming industries and 16% of those working in the public sector and education.