Farron: Tories' 'dementia tax' proposals unspeakably heartless


Tory plans to shake up social care funding have been branded "unspeakably heartless" by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

Mr Farron said the so-called "dementia tax" would see families forced to sell their homes after a loved one dies.

The Tory manifesto pledge commits the party to get people to pay for their own care if they have combined savings and property valued at more than £100,000.

If they wish to keep their home, payment can be deferred until after they die, when it will be deducted from their estate.


Mr Farron said this was proof the Tories were "coming for" dementia sufferers.

He told the Press Association: "The most appalling thing in the Conservative manifesto is this unspeakable dementia tax.

"For the first time you'll be asked to cash-in your home when it comes to paying for your care and your treatment.

"And the worst thing, to my mind - let's say you're the wife of a husband who has to go into a nursing home because of dementia, the reality is your house, the house that you still live in, the family home, will have to be cashed-in now under the Tories' heartless dementia tax.

"That's absolutely appalling. It's a specific attack on those who end up getting dementia. If you have dementia, the Tories are coming for you."