Harry Potter books are all very good, Theresa May tells pupil


Theresa May has revealed she is a Harry Potter fan during a chat with schoolchildren.

The Prime Minister told youngsters in Birmingham that she had read all of JK Rowling's wizard adventures.

Talk also turned to football during the visit to Nishkam Primary School in Handsworth and the eight-year-olds also showed off their knowledge of artist Henri Rousseau.

Discussing books with one pupil who was a Harry Potter fan, Mrs May said: "I've read them all. They are all very good." 

During a visit to a Screwfix distribution centre in Stoke-on-Trent, Mrs May insisted she was not similar to any of the characters in the books.

When a reporter asked if he could quiz her on which figures she was most like, Mrs May replied: "No, you can't ask me that. I don't think I am similar to any of the characters in Harry Potter.

"But they are a great read for adults as well as for children."