Weird questions asked in job interviews

Rosie Vare
Would you know how to answer these bizarre interview questions?
Would you know how to answer these bizarre interview questions?

Is it alright to snitch on a co-worker? What tree do you resemble most?

Would you be surprised to face one of these questions in a job interview? You're not the only one.

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However these are actually some of the curveball questions modern employers are using to throw off candidates, according to new research.

A new study by GoDaddy polled recent graduates and hiring managers and found 53% of the hiring managers polled will deliberately ask a thought-provoking 'curveball' question during an interview to throw off those they're talking to.

And those heading to a job interview don't have long to make a good impression - the average time cited for a hiring manager to form a hard-to-change impression was just four minutes.

More than half of the interviewers polled build a first impression based on the quality of the handshake, while two-thirds said the ability to simply show up on time screams volumes.

But the assessments are made online as much as off and the study by GoDaddy found many candidates are surprisingly still being undone by their online presences.