General Election 2017: The party manifestos


The parties have published their manifestos – and now there is plenty of time to weigh up what's being promised before the general election on June 8.

The Conservatives are pledging to fund the rising cost of social care by scrapping winter fuel allowance for 'wealthier' pensioners and imposing a 'dementia tax' on the sale of homes where elderly people have received care in their later years. Theresa May has also said she would allow a vote on whether to bring back fox hunting. Manifesto in full

Labour wants the public to take back control of the railways and water industry, spend more on education and the NHS and build 100,000 affordable homes. Manifesto in full

The Liberal Democrats have promised a second referendum on Brexit, a £7bn boost to education and a lowering of the voting age to 16. Manifesto in full

The Green Party is also calling for a second referendum on Brexit. It wants to roll back the privatisation of the NHS and abolish university tuition fees. Manifesto in full

Ukip has vowed to cut net migration levels to zero within five years, while the SNP wants a new referendum on Scottish independence.

Still not decided? With polls showing much greater support for the Tories than the party traditionally represents, why not take our fun, 15-second quiz (below) to learn whether you should be turning blue?