Ten bizarre former jobs of the rich and famous

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

We all have to start somewhere: not even celebrities walked into a life of fame and fortune the day they left school. And while some took fairly everyday jobs as waiters and waitresses, shop assistants and handymen, others had somewhat less expected early forays into the world of work.

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Inspired by five oddities dug out by Bobbooks.co.uk, we reveal ten of the most surprising former jobs of the rich and famous.

1. Brad Pitt reportedly had an unusual job when he first arrived in Hollywood: he dressed in a chicken suit to entice customers into fast-food joint el Pollo Loco.

2. Damien Hirst spent his long summer breaks between university years working at a mortuary in Leeds. Who could have known at the time that an in-depth knowledge of the preservation of remains would come in so handy for his eventual career.

3. Whoopee Goldberg apparently also had a job in a funeral parlour, perfecting the make-up of the deceased. Before that, she worked as a bricklayer.

4. Dan Brown, of The Da Vinci Code fame ,had a whole other career before deciding to become a novelist: he was a songwriter and pop star.

5. Before Victoria Beckham hit the big time as Posh Spice, she was a jobbing actress and singer. Among her more unexpected roles was for a BBC sex education programme, in which she played a sperm on rollerskates.

6. Kanye West may have discovered his love for fashion in one of his early jobs - as a clothes folder for Gap.

7. Demi Moore would be a pleasant surprise for anyone if she showed up on the doorstep. It wasn't always the case though, because she used to be a debt collector.

8. JK Rowling made ends meet with a number of jobs, including working as a researcher and secretary for Amnesty International.

9. Jon Bon Jovi may be all about the rock and roll now, but once he was all about the glitter and the tinsel - because he made a living as a Christmas decoration manufacturer.

10. Christopher Walken, meanwhile, takes the title for the oddest former job - he was a lion tamer. It's worth noting, however, that he was only 16, and actually performed in the circus playing the part of the lion tamer's son, rather than cracking the whip and holding a chair himself.