Government 'in another galaxy compared to ordinary people's problems'

The Government is in "another galaxy" over problems ordinary people face amid concerns over food bank demand, homelessness and childhood poverty, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said.

Mr McDonnell said people's aspirations were "risked by a reckless Tory Brexit" as he addressed crowds of demonstrators in Trafalgar Square during the traditional May Day rally.

Referencing reports that EU leaders said Theresa May was from a "different galaxy" on Brexit, he said: "This Government is not just in another galaxy when it comes to Brexit but also when it comes to solving the problems the silent majority of working families face in our country.

"Therefore, it falls once again to our movement to come together and unite our country, and stand up for the many suffering under a Tory Government that only rewards a rich few."

He railed against reports of nurses being forced to rely on food banks due to cuts in their pay and teachers who had to hold raffles to afford books for their students.

Mr McDonnell urged people to vote Labour, saying: "We are all here today to speak up for the silent majority of working people that have never met an opinion pollster, but have experienced seven years of Tory austerity, and are now more than ever feeling the pinch of those policies.

"The nurses using food banks.

"The teachers holding raffles to afford books for their pupils.

"The people sleeping rough on our streets, homeless without somewhere to sleep tonight.

"The parents who are worried about paying the bills as their wages can't keep up with the prices in the shops, and worry about keeping a roof over their children's heads.

"Or those people who just want to get on the property ladder and get on in life, but cannot afford a mortgage. Their aspirations are risked by a reckless Tory Brexit and what it means for our economy.

"This is what we mean by the Tories' rigged economy. And why we must end it."

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