'It's not a barrier in life' - Theresa May opens up on Type 1 diabetes

Theresa May has opened up about her Type 1 diabetes, insisting it is not a "health problem" and that it does not stop her doing anything.

The Prime Minister said it was hugely important that young people with the condition know "it won't be a barrier to them in their lives".

She revealed she injects her insulin with a medical "pen" which allows her to do it without leaving the room and even while eating.

Mrs May told the Mail on Sunday: "I'm going to pull you up on describing Type 1 diabetes as a health problem.

"People who have it can do whatever they like.

"What is important is that, when you sit round that table, you know what you want and have the strength and determination to make your point and make it clearly.

"Yes, Type 1 diabetes brings a change in one's life - I have to inject, test my blood sugar and so forth - but it doesn't mean there are things I can't do.

"You just build that into your life."

Mrs May also talked about how going to church is an important part of her life

"It's what I call spiritual connection and uplift," she said.

Asked if she prays in Number 10 before going to bed, Mrs May replied: "I do pray. I pray in a variety of ways."

According to the newspaper, Mrs May's office in the House of Commons is decorated with a pink cushion that celebrates her love for footwear, including her famous leopard print heels, and bears the motto "I can deal with anything if I have the right pair of shoes".

The PM also revealed her favourite film was Casablanca and her favourite flowers were old English roses.