Has Lottery jackpot jinx struck another couple?

Emma Woollacott
EuroMillions winners
EuroMillions winners

It appears that the curse of the lottery may have struck again, with reports that EuroMillions winners Gareth and Catherine Bull have split.

The couple shot to wealth in 2012 when they won a £40.6 million jackpot, but said they hoped to keep life 'as normal as possible'. Their first priority, they said, was a new landing carpet.

Lottery winner's ex-wife says she's not bitter

However, according to the Sun, Gareth has now moved out of the six-bedroom family home he'd built before their win. He's now in a three-bedroom cottage a mile and a half away.

And, says the paper, Catherine recently celebrated her 40th birthday without Gareth, and has been spotted out and about without her wedding ring.

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The pair have not confirmed whether or not the reports are correct. However, if the story is true, the Bulls join a number of couples whose lottery win has cost them their marriage.

Most famously, Adrian and Gillian Bayford, who won £148 million in 2012, split up 15 months later, citing the pressure of their win as part of the reason. And the bad feeling didn't end there, with Gillian later telling the papers that she'd fallen out with her family too.

£148 million Lottery winner Adrian Bayford suffers another blow

Les and Samantha Scadding, who won £45.5 million in 2009, lasted rather longer, but split up in 2013. And, similarly, Michael Carroll - who called himself the 'King of Chavs' after winning £9.7 million on the lottery in 2002, also ended up splitting up with his wife.

Back in 1995, Mark Gardiner won £11.3 million in 1995 and split with his fourth wife over the pressure - although he did later find happiness after getting back together with his first wife.

And winners will generally find that a split costs them dear. Last year, for example, a Chinese man won £463,890 on the lottery and immediately decided to divorce his wife - without telling her about the win. She found out, and won half the cash in court.

Even harder hit was Denise Rossi, who won $1.3 million in the California Lottery in 1996. Again without telling her husband, she filed for divorce just days later.

However, a judge ruled that she had committed fraud, and she was ordered to hand over every penny of her win to her ex-husband.