Free wine, beer, fish, cheese spread and supermarket shopping

Sarah Coles
Free wine
Free wine

Sick of chocolate? It's possibly the only time of year when our heads aren't turned by the idea of a chocolate bargain - or even a freebie. So how about some wine, beer, fish, cheese spread, or a basket of assorted shopping - all for free?

It's not a bad way to vary your diet from a solid intake of the sweet stuff - especially when it costs you nothing.

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Free beer
If you have signed up to cashback website Quidco, you can get your hands on a 650ml Amstel for nothing until the end of the day. Just buy it from Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons or Ocado, take a photo of your receipt with all the key information visible, find the Clicksnap deal on the app or website, and upload your photo to get the £2 cost refunded in full.

Free wine
The users of have spotted that you can get a free glass of wine with your meal at the Miller & Carter chain. Just join the steak club, and you'll have a voucher emailed to you. One of the users says they work at the chain, and suggested emailing a copy of the voucher to everyone you plan to eat with, so you can all take advantage of the deal. So far, nobody has confirmed that this works, but it may just be worth trying.

Free fish
The users of have spotted that John West is running a Facebook giveaway of their new infusions range. There are cans of tuna infused with things like soy and ginger, and jalapeño. There's also salmon with teriyaki and salmon with sweet chilli. Just complete your details and you can use the voucher to buy in store - or have it delivered.

Free cheese spread
If you've never used cashback app Shopmium before, then you can download the app, and get access to a deal for a free tube of Primula Cheese. Just pick one up in Asda, Sainsbury's or Tesco, and upload your receipt to get the full £1.45 refunded.

Free Asda shopping
If you haven't used cashback website before, then new users can get £15 back on a £15 spend at Asda. The deal runs until Sunday, so it's worth downloading the app and getting started as soon as possible.