Remain campaign's scaremongering shown to be false, Change Britain insists


Scaremongering predictions made by Remain campaigners during the referendum on quitting the European Union have turned out to be overwhelmingly false, according to a pro-Brexit pressure group.

Warnings Britain would be plunged into an immediate recession amid spiralling unemployment and delayed spending by businesses and individuals have failed to materialise, Change Britain said.

It deemed just one in 10 of the claims made in key government papers during the campaign to be true, such as how the UK could crash out of the bloc if no deal is reached and that leaving hits Britain's ability to affect the EU's decision-making.

Change Britain chairwoman Gisela Stuart said: "The Remain campaign fed the public with stories of doom and gloom, but this analysis shows why voters were right to see through their scaremongering.

"Growth continues to be upgraded, employment is at a record high, and a number of multinational businesses have made major investment announcements into the UK.

"The British people had the confidence to reject project fear and back project hope. Outside the EU, we can begin a process of national renewal and look forward to a strong and flexible economy which benefits everyone across the UK."

Treasury analysis released by then chancellor George Osborne said a vote to leave would "represent an immediate and profound shock to our economy" that would push the economy into a recession, lead to an increase in unemployment of around 500,000, and see businesses and households reduce spending.

Change Britain said it is now accepted that there was no economic shock, and it pointed to Office for National Statistics data to show growth has continued to be positive, the employment rate has increased and spending has gone up.

Open Britain, which campaigns against a hard exit from the EU, said Brexit supporters should focus on delivering the promises they made in the run-up to the referendum.

James McGrory, co-executive director, said: "Leave campaigners are continuing to tell the British people that Brexit is a completely cost-free option.

"They won the referendum and they now must be held to account for the Brexit promises they and the Government have repeatedly made, starting with ensuring we get the 'exact same benefits' we enjoy through EU membership.

"When we start seeing that extra £350 million a week for the NHS, we can start talking about campaign promises being fulfilled."