The incredible £2 million surprise in £30,000 tank

Sarah Coles

A tank collector from Northamptonshire was inspecting a vehicle he had bought for £30,000, when he stumbled across an incredible find. The old tank was stuffed with £2 million worth of gold.

Footage has emerged of Nick Mead and Todd Chamberlain from Tanks-a-lot in Northamptonshire, inspecting a Chinese copy of a Soviet Battle Tank that Nick had bought for just £30,000. The tank had been captured and brought back by British Forces in Iraq. It had been repaired, and then sold on to Nick.

He decided to inspect the tank, in the hope that there would be old weaponry hidden inside that they could make money from. However, a video shows that to their surprise, instead of pulling out guns from a hiding place in the diesel tank, they produced a hoard of gold bars. They speculated that it may have been hidden when the tank was in Kuwait in 1990.

The pair reported it to police, who took the gold and will now try to ascertain whether they can track down the rightful owners. Nick doesn't know whether he will receive any money from the find, but he remains hopeful.

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Unusual gold

It seems like the kind of find from a story rather than reality, but these kinds of things do happen. In fact it has happened twice already this year

We reported in February on the elderly woman who inherited a house and its contents from a relative, and called an auctioneer to help clear it out. She mentioned that there was a suitcase with some coins in it behind the sofa, and the auctioneer found coins worth tens of thousands of pounds.

And back in January there was news of a family from Shropshire, who sent the piano they had just bought to be tuned, and the experts found a hoard of gold coins dating from 1847-1915 inside. Experts from the British Museum appealed to the public for help tracking down the owner of the valuables.

So who knows, maybe its worth checking the nooks and crannies of your house, to see whether someone has left a fortune lying around for you.