Guess how much you'll spend on chocolate in a lifetime?

Emma Woollacott
Chocolate easter egg
Chocolate easter egg

As you stand in the supermarket loading Easter eggs into your trolley, it's near-impossible not to cringe at the cost.

With many luxury eggs costing £20 or more, it's an awful lot to be spending, however much of a sweet tooth you and your family have.

But have you ever stopped and wondered how much you spend on chocolate in a week, a month, a year or even a lifetime? Financial planning firm Tilney's has.

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In its recent report, 'Cost of Tomorrow', it reveals that we spend a staggering £6,000 on chocolate in our lifetime – enough to buy 1,500 large Cadbury Easter Eggs or more than 10,200 Crème Eggs.

The biggest spenders are people aged between 30 and 49 - many of whom will be parents to young children - who blow an average of £114 a year.

At the other end of the scale, people aged 75 and over are the most frugal, spending £62 on chocolate every year.

"The £6,000 spent on chocolate over a lifetime by the average UK household eclipses the amount spent on books (£3,700), tea and coffee (£4,000) and even medical insurance (£5,700)," says the firm.

"The study also found that families spend a hefty £2,300 on other confectionary products over the course of a lifetime, a cool £1,900 in ice lollies and ice cream and £1,200 on sugar products."

Where can you get the best Easter eggs?

When it comes to Easter eggs, though, there's no need to despair. This year, supermarkets are offering discounts and multi-buy deals that could cut the cost of your chocs.

Tesco has plenty of Easter egg deals, including two for just £6 on many branded eggs from the likes of Cadbury's and Nestle. Meanwhile, Lindt gold bunny and farmyard sets are just £10, down from £15.

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Sainsbury's has small, own-brand sweet-filled eggs from a pocket-friendly 80p each. A little further upscale, its Belgian chocolate eggs have £1 off, and cost just a fiver each.

Large eggs at Asda are just £10 for three, right across the range. Meanwhile, smaller eggs, such as a 141g Mars Bar egg, are priced at only £1.

You'll be hard pushed to find eggs cheaper than Aldi's - its Dairyfine own brand collection starts from just 75p. Even larger branded eggs are priced from just £2.49.

Lidl's own-brand luxury eggs are two for £6, with other chocolate treats, such as Bertie Bunny, costing just 79p.

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