The most bizarre lost property left in an Uber

Lobster - one of the strangest things left in an Uber
Lobster - one of the strangest things left in an Uber

From a lobster to a smoke machine, you'd be surprised what gets left in an Uber.

We've all had that sickening moment when we get out of a taxi, and suddenly realise that something absolutely vital has been left on the seat - like a bulletproof vest or a sweet potato care package.

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Uber has published its list of the weirdest things left in Uber taxis. Here's our top ten:

1. Lobster
2. Bulletproof vest
3. Sweet potato care package
4. Smoke machine
5. Rubber mallet
6. Elf cutout
7. Taser
8. Dog jumper
9. Potted plant
10. A pool cue

Uber also revealed that more than 5,000 items have been handed into its lost property centre in London in the past six months alone - and that mobile phones and keys tend to be the most forgotten items.

Much of the rest of the lost property tends to be hit seasonal, with umbrellas and gloves left in the winter, sunglasses in the summer, and masks at Halloween.

The most forgetful days in 2016 were October 30, followed by December 11 and 18th (both Sundays) and December 4th (Saturday).

Generally Sundays are when most items are found (which includes the early hours after a long Saturday night) - followed by Saturday and Friday.

The company has issued its list of unusual lost property to remind people that if they get out of the car and realise they have left something behind, they can contact the driver direct through the app.

In fact, over the years, there have been some incredible stories of unusual things left in the back of a taxi - which have been returned by the driver. In April 2015, a Walsall taxi driver returned a bag containing £10,000, which had been left by a customer on his way to a car auction.

A year earlier, a driver in China dropped a young couple at a car dealership, and drove away with a bag containing £16,000 in cash on the back seat. He quickly handed the bag in at work, and it was returned to the couple. He even refused a reward worth twice his monthly salary, saying he didn't want to profit from anyone's misfortune.