Man tries to avoid hefty food bill by jumping in ocean

A man in Australia allegedly attempted to skip out on a massive restaurant tab by jumping into the ocean and swimming his way to freedom.

Considering how much he ate, it's astounding that he managed to move at all.

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A copy of the bill from the seafood restaurant shows that the alleged fleeing patron, Terry Peck, dined alone on two whole lobsters, half a dozen oysters and a baby octopus.

He also reportedly ordered 21 oyster shooters, which are similar to a Bloody Mary, as well as four Corona beers.

In total the bill came to $621.30, which is around £375.

But, instead of paying up, Peck reportedly opted to run across the beach and into the water.

When authorities on jet skis went after him he unsuccessfully attempted to hide himself under the water.

He found himself in court not long after where, after hearing the bill total, the presiding judge exclaimed: "My God! By himself?"

After being granted bail Peck said the restaurant should apologise to him, the Daily Star reports.

He said: "There was an oyster shell in the oyster and he (a staff member) said he was going to take care of the bill.

"They should be apologising to me for the shell in the overpriced food.

"He said he was going to get the bill... I told them to tell the chef it was overcooked."

He later added: "My friend was over the beach and she was having a baby on the beach.

"Eventually police came and I went for a swim.

"I couldn't find her and I was going to pay the bill if I found my wallet but I lost everything."

Peck is expected to appear in court again on 4 May.

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