How you can get paid to lie in bed

Rosie Vare
This is what weekends were made for
This is what weekends were made for

You know those days where you have no desire to get out of bed and wish you could just lay there forever?

Well, you should be careful what you wish for.

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Researchers in France are looking for 10 fit men to lay in bed for two months as part of a controlled experiment to study the effects of microgravity or weightlessness on their bodies; like in space.

The participants will have to lay in bed for 60 days without getting up, and with their head tilted six degrees below their feet to get blood flowing to the upper body.

They can turn, but cannot sit up... at all, for 60 days!

Half the group will be taking a dietary supplement several times a day while the other half won't.

If you choose to be a part of this experiment, you'll be paid £12,900 for ten weeks. Two weeks of tests and two month bed rest.

Would you do it for the money?