Albanian jailed for growing cannabis close to Buckingham Palace

A man has been jailed for six months for growing cannabis in a mansion overlooking Buckingham Palace.

Jetmir Myrtaj, 29, pleaded guilty to producing the Class B drug at an address in Grosvenor Gardens, Belgravia, on February 17 2017.

The property is less than 50 metres from the walls surrounding the gardens of the Queen's London home.

Myrtaj, who appeared at Southwark Crown Court via video-link from prison and spoke through an Albanian translator, was sentenced to six months in prison and warned by the judge that he faces deportation.

His co-defendants, Edriol Shyti and Hajri Cjapi, appeared at the same court on Monday where they were jailed for six months for the same offence.

Judge Joanna Korner CMG QC told the court on Thursday morning that the trio were "the gardeners for the cannabis found in Grosvenor Gardens".

She said she could not say which of the three defendants was "in charge" and that she had sentenced "the others to six months in prison".

"Mr Myrtaj, you pleaded guilty to a serious offence of growing cannabis.

"The only mitigation on your behalf is that you ... pleaded guilty, but, as I said to your two co-defendants, you will undoubtedly be deported once you have served your sentence and accordingly I have allowed a larger discount than your plea merits.

"Had you contested the matter, your sentence would have been one of 12 months but because you will be deported I am reducing it to ... six months in prison."

Judge Korner added: "In practice I believe the Home Office will deport you and you co-defendants once you have served your sentence."

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