Posh 'organic wines' from Aldi - including one for under £5

Today, Aldi launches a range of 'green' wines - a collection of eight wines that are organic, carbon neutral or made without added sulphur.

The move is part of the company's plan to attract middle-class shoppers with rather more upmarket products.

Demand for organic produce is rising steadily year on year, and Aldi reckons that the wines will appeal to what it calls the 'wholefoods generation' - young shoppers who care about the environmental impact of their food and drink. They all cost under £8 a bottle and are available in stores nationwide and online at www.aldi.co.uk.

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So what's on offer?

Organic wines

Organic Prosecco DOC 2016, £7.99

Made using organic cane sugar, this prosecco is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It's complex and fruity, says Aldi, with notes of pear, green apple and honey.

Jean Claude Mas Estate Organic Sud De France 2016, £6.99
This white wine has been created by renowned winemaker Jean Claude Mas especially for Aldi. With a rich and fruity taste, it has citrus and white flower notes, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Jean Claude Mas Classic Organic Vin Blanc 2016, £5.99
From the same winemaker, this wine is bursting with fruity flavours and aromas of pineapple and lychee. Smooth and refreshing, it goes well with seafood - though, again, it's suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Toro Loco Organic 2015, £4.99
Aldi's well-known 'crazy bull' wine has now had an organic makeover and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Fresh and juicy, it's the perfect partner to pasta and burger dishes, says Aldi.

Carbon neutral wines

80 Acres Carbon Neutral Shiraz Viognier 2015, £6.99

This red has plum and blackberry flavours, with dark chocolate notes. Suitable for vegetarians, it's been produced in a way that eliminates any negative impact on the environment during every stage of the winemaking process.

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80 Acres Carbon Neutral Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2015, £6.99

This shiraz merlot has an underlying hint of dark chocolate and blackcurrant aromas, with a velvety finish. It's suitable for vegetarians.

'No sulphur added' wines

Origin Pure No Sulphur Added Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, £5.49

Hailing from South Africa's Western Cape, this deeply coloured cabernet sauvignon has rich vanilla oak and dark plum flavours. Made using natural farming techniques and with no sulphites, it's suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Earth's Essence No Sulphur Added Shiraz, £6.99
This special shiraz is naturally preserved using wood from the rooibos and honeybush plants, resulting in a pleasant sweetness. The aromas of blackcurrant, forest floor and spice make it an intense but satisfying pairing for a hearty beef stew, says Aldi.

Supermarket champagne taste test
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Supermarket champagne taste test

Score: 2/5

"Nice taste but not enough fizz."
"It's harsh at the back of the throat."
"This one's rather flat for me."

The Sainsbury's Taste the Difference might have been one of the priciest bottles of supermarket champagne but the tasters picked up on how quickly it went flat and scored it the same as the other bottle from Sainsbury's at 2/5.

Score: 4.5/5

"Oohh it's like drinking the stars."
"It has a lovely crisp, dryness."
"Well balanced, I could drink more of this."

This champagne had the tasters waxing lyrical and even going on to jokingly quote the forefather of chamagne, Dom Pérignon - "Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!" was falsely attributed to the monk in the late 19th century. They even tried to come back for more after scoring it a near-perfect 4.5/5.

Score: 4/5

"This is tart without being harsh."
"What a deicate flavour."
"This is the most distinctive and bold."

The Asda extra special might have been the cheapest bottle on trial but it packed the biggest flavour punch, scoring highly with the testers on aroma and depth putting it in second place with an average mark of 4/5.

Score: 3.5/5

"This tastes of luxury."
"It's very rich."
"Very smooth and slightly creamy."

Co-op's second offering was well received with all of the tasters praising its rich flavour notes and texture. Co-op's cheaper bottle scored highly enough to secure third place with an average mark of 3.5/5.

Score: 3/5

"Easy to drink and the most citrusy of the bunch."
"It's the most acidic."

"A bit too gassy - burping isn't great for a dinner party!"

The Waitrose champagne might have been one of the cheapest in the trial but it wasn't a favourite with the tasters who consistenly commented on its acidic aftertaste and scored it a mediocre 3/5

Score: 2.5/5

"Pungent smelling and a bit harsh."
"Fruity with very little acidity and quite well balanced."
"It's overpowering, I couldn't drink a lot of it."

Before the labels were hidden the tasters were the most excited to get stuck into this bottle from Marks and Spencer. Despite being the most expensive bottle in the trial, it only scored an average of 2.5/5 putting it in third place.

Score: 2/5

"It's not crisp at all, or fizzy enough."
"It's light, almost too light in fact."
"It tastes like cava to me."

This offering from Sainsbury's fell flat with our tasters, literally. All the testers commented on the lack of fizz and depth leaving the Blanc de Noirs with an average score of 2/5 and in jint bottom place.


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