The UK's worst house names

The 'Old Rectory' sign in Coronation St

Around ten years ago, Coronation Street's Vera Duckworth entertainingly decided to name her stone-clad terraced house 'The Old Rectory' in an attempt to one-up the neighbours.

In some ways, she had the right idea, with houses sharing that name amongst the most desirable in the UK - indeed, according to an analysis of Land Registry figures by some years ago, it was the most popular name for houses worth over £800,000.

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However, homeowners rename their houses at their peril.

"Names are all about association, and the name of your home can conjure up a person's perspective of what your home will be like before even getting through the front door," says Ellin Bowers of online state agent Tepilo.

"So make sure to consider carefully before adding 'Manor' to the end of your property's name to avoid disappointment, likewise before calling your new-build five-bed home 'The Cottage'."

We've trawled online forums to find some of the weirdest - and most ill-advised - house names in the UK and beyond. Here are some of our favourites.

"There used to be one near where I lived called 'Bell End' which is a gift for smutty thirteen-year-old boys. Apparently there was a bellhouse down there in antiquity." (Quora)

"I have a colleague with the surname Bach. He moved to Wales and learned enough Welsh to make the decision to call his house Ty Bach, since this would simultaneously mean Bach's house and the small house. No one had told him that Ty Bach also means toilet." (Quora)

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"I used to live near a house called 'Tip View'. I liked that they'd named it that very much. It did indeed have a view of the tip. Well technically the recycling plant but still." (Mumsnet)

"Where I lived in Mt Gravatt in Brisbane, Australia ten years ago there is a big house up on the side of the mountain in a windy spot. Its name is 'Passing Wind'." (Quora)

"The one l liked was a guest house called 'Nessun Dorma', which sounds nice as it is named after an opera aria, until you realise what it means..." (Quora)

"I had a crazy landlady I lodged with at uni, named her house (and every house she lived in) 'Sea View'. It kept her amused when people would ask 'ooh, can you actually see the sea from there?' When it was one mile from Leeds city centre ''." (Mumsnet)

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"One day in Scotland I noticed a house called 'The Neuk'. In Scottish English this means something like 'The Corner', but in Dutch it means 'The F*ck'." (Quora)

"My favourite is a house in Bournemouth that someone called Far Corfe. Maybe it was an innocent oversight... Corfe is the name of a real village some distance away." ( Quora)

"I have a friend who lives on the Costa Brava (Spain); he named his villa 'Costa Nuff'." (Quora)

"My neighbours growing up built their own house and named it 'Costaplenty'." (Mumsnet)

"There is a house, close to my second home, called The Dog House. Probably because the husband is always in it." (Gransnet)

"There was a property not far from here (now demolished) that was called, Flight Path Cottage. I used to think of the family lying in bed counting Lancasters out and counting them back in. They probably didn't get much sleep." (Gransnet)

"My favourite is one I saw where Albert and Irene combined their names to make Renal..." (Mumsnet)

The house of dog mess: after
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The house of dog mess: after
Marie Louise Campbell, and her fiancé David Alonzi reveal the state of the carpets they have had to pull up, and the plasterwork they were forced to remove.
Many of the walls were smeared with what looked and smelled like dog mess.
The carpet was so soaked through with urine that the couple were forced to remove it - then the underlay - and finally the floorboards.
The floor and part of the plaster had to be removed to get rid of the smell, and now the couple are unable to live in the property.
Far from a quiet haven, their garden is now home to a pile of stinking debris.

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