FTSE at record highs

FTSE 100 at record highs
FTSE 100 at record highs

If you're over 55 and are considering cashing your pension savings in, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. 2017 has so far seen the FTSE 100 reach record highs, so many people have more money in their pension savings than they thought.

You do not need to directly own individual shares to benefit from the FTSE 100 record-breaking figures. If you are paying into a pension, it is usually invested into funds – some of which will hold shares. In fact, it's likely that around 70% of your pension is invested in shares or share-based funds.

If you have reached 55, and are looking at options for your pension, you could have a nice surprise in store.

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Although you now have the freedom to do whatever you want with your pension and an annuity is no longer the default option, there is still a strong demand for them. It's one of the only ways to secure a guaranteed income, for life, which could offer useful security given the political and economic events taking place around the world today.

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Health and Lifestyle

Annuity rates actually increased in the latter part of 2016, post Brexit, and have remained steady for the first part of 2017. By factoring in aspects of your health and lifestyle, you could also increase your pension income by as much as 50%¹.

If you suffer from a health condition which means you are likely to have a shorter than average life expectancy, insurers will reflect this by offering you an increased income due to the shorter period of time your pension pot would have to cover. These increased annuity rates are offered by "enhanced" annuities, sometimes known as "impaired-life" annuities. Firms such as Age Partnership will use such information to ensure you get you the best possible rate and therefore more income.

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Shop Around

Not all providers offer enhanced annuity rates, so some shopping around is required. Fortunately, Age Partnership is able to do the hard work for you, comparing every provider in the market to find the best deal for you, allowing you to be sure you have achieved the best possible income from an annuity.

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Getting the best information

Talking to an experienced specialist or Financial Advisor is imperative before you make your decision. Impartial companies like Age Partnership, can help take the stress and worry out of the process, too.

Should you be interested in an annuity, an advisor or specialist can provide all the information you need to proceed, tailored to your personal circumstances. Alternatively, should you wish to retain flexibility around changing annuity rates, they can discuss your requirements and offer a range of different retirement solutions.

To find out more, call Freephone 08000 810 815 or visit http://www.agepartnership.co.uk/pension-incometo see if you can get up to 50%1 or more from your pension savings.
¹Which, 2017.