'Mum's flowers were rubbish - what can I do?'

withered gerbera in white vase
withered gerbera in white vase

This weekend, millions of us said it with flowers as we let our mums know just how much we appreciate them.

But what if your bouquet didn't send the right message at all? Last year, for example, Moonpig was deluged with complaints after delivering flowers that were damaged, late or failed to appear at all.

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Unfortunately, if this happens, there's no way of turning back time and getting the right thing delivered on the right day. However, under the Consumer Rights Act, companies do have certain obligations: we look at what to do if your Mother's Day flower delivery goes wrong.

If they're dead
If your flowers turn up dead or wilting, then they're not of satisfactory quality and you're entitled to a refund from the retailer. As with any problem it's the buyer who has to make the complaint. You should make sure a picture's been taken on arrival to prove your case, and as evidence if you need to take things further.

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If they're late
You'll need to check the website terms to make sure it includes a specific delivery date. Otherwise, even when an estimated date is given, the retailer has 30 days to deliver, meaning they could appear weeks after the important day. If the company's failed to deliver on or by a specified day you have the right to your money back. And even if it's the courier at fault it's the retailer you should approach, as your contract is with them.

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If flowers are missing
It's not unusual for a bouquet to appear that's pitiful compared with the picture. If, for example, you order a dozen red roses and only six arrive, you're entitled to a refund for the missing blooms - but, unfortunately, not for the whole bouquet.

If they're the wrong flowers
The picture showed a stunning mixed bouquet; your mother receives a bunch of carnations and dahlias. If the flowers aren't the colour or variety you were expecting, you're entitled to a full refund - as long as they don't fit the specification. If the small print says that colour and type can vary, you may be out of luck.