Boris Johnson bans all-male entourages from trips abroad

Boris Johnson has banned all-male entourages from his trips abroad after turning up to a women's empowerment event in New York City with a group of men.

The Foreign Secretary will also ban so-called "manels" - panels made up entirely of men - in the Foreign Office in a bid to boost diversity.

Announcing an end to all-male cabals in the department, Mr Johnson said: "From now on the travelling team with the Foreign Secretary will never be all male.

"It was very apparent on my trip this week to the US, and having arrived at a gender empowerment event with an all-men entourage, that we must practise what we preach.

"We will also end 'manels', or all men panels, in the FCO.

"All will now be more diverse and representing of the country."

The empowerment event was focused on giving women around the world better access to schools, jobs and democracy.

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