Good-looking people don't get paid more

Rosie Vare

The office is a competitive place.

Whether it's the work you do, the clothes you wear, or even the people you go out to lunch with.

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Then there's the reason you're there - to make money.

If there's one thing countless TV shows and films have taught us, it's that more attractive people make more money.

It's not just pop culture either, there has been some research about this and it even has a name - the 'beauty premium'.

But a new study is rolling back some of those commonly-held beliefs.

They looked at 20,000 people and their appearance was rated at four separate times over the course of 13 years, when all of the subjects were between 16 and 29.

What they found was that more than looks matter

Other factors, like intelligence, good health and personality were all factors in the size of the paycheck.

It even raised a different premium - an ugliness premium.

In some of the cases, people who were rated very unattractive had bigger salaries than those who were considered good looking.

Now, why was the initial research so off?

The authors of the new study think it's because they didn't factor in intelligence and conscientiousness.