Save 75% on Mother's Day flowers, chocolates and a card

Mother's Day Present
Mother's Day Present

Mother's Day presents us with a conundrum: Your mum will want to be spoiled, but she also won't want you wasting your money. What you need is cheap Mother's Day presents that look like you've really pushed the boat out.

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We have tracked down great ways to save 75% on flowers, chocolates and a card.

Tesco's cheapest bouquet in its Mother's Day range is £20, but you can do better than that, because there are plenty of people offering bargain flowers for the day.

There are several voucher codes, including one for new users of, which is offering £10 cashback on any purchase from Next Flowers (until 26 March). There's also 15% off any Mother's Day bouquets from Debenhams Flowers with this code.

The cheapest full price offering is from Aldi - which is selling a Mother's Day Jam Jar Posy for £3.49, which is a fantastic price for a mixed posy.

A posh box of chocolates can be an expensive proposition, at around £10 for even a handful of truffles. If you want your chocolate for less, you have two options.

Your first possibility is to use a voucher. At the moment, there's one from Vouchercodes offering 20% off at Thorntons. It means you could get a Mother's Day milk chocolate heart for £4 rather than £5.

Otherwise, the supermarkets are a decent bet for cheap gifts that look reasonably good. You can get a pretty selection of Butlers Artisan Chocolates from Waitrose for £5.99, or the Aldi Chocolatero Chocolate Flower Gift Box (which consists of a chocolate flower pot and flower-shaped chocolates) for £4.99.

The average Mother's Day card is around £2 (although you can easily spend £5 on something a bit special).

However, you can get it for less. There are vouchers worth considering - including this great find by Latestdeals, which tracked down a great Snapfish card for free - plus 99p postage.

There are a couple of ways to better this, because at full price Mother's Day cards from Aldi cost just 79p.

And for the price of a piece of card, if the kids are young enough to draw something themselves without seeming like cheapskates, you have something touching and homemade for free.

If you were to pay the typical price for flowers, chocolates and a card on the high street, you could expect to fork out £20 for flowers, £10 for chocolates, and £2 for the card - a total of £32. If, however, you were to go for the Aldi flowers, Thorntons heart chocolate, and a homemade card, you could get the lot for £7.49. That's a saving of more than 75%.

But what do you think? Would your mum be impressed? Let us know in the comments.