The world's most expensive records

Vinyl disc being played in turntable
Vinyl disc being played in turntable

Vinyl records are enjoying something of a comeback, with sales up 53% last year.

But if you're wedded to digital music and your vinyl collection is gathering dust in the attic, it might be time to trade it in for some cash.

A new study from MrGamez has identified the most valuable records, judging from previous auction sales - and if you have a copy of any of them, you could be in for a windfall.

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The UK's most expensive vinyl records

1. God Save the Queen, the Sex Pistols
The A&M pressing of this record was on sale for only six days before scandal caused the band to part ways with the company. Even a copy of the original without the sleeve sells for £8,600.

2. Please Please Me – the Beatles
The Beatles' UK debut album was produced over 13 hours, while Lennon had a bad cold. But it launched the band to enduring fame, and the first pressing now sells for over £6,760.

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3. Introducing the Beatles – The Beatles
Like Please Please Me, this is a 'debut' album for the Beatles: EMI's US subsidiary Capitol Records turned Please Please Me down, making this the band's breakthrough album in the States. Only 6,000 versions were made with the 'Ad Back' sleeve, and these sell for up to £6,150.

4. Bach/Mozart Violin Concertos - Gioconda De Vito
The HMV cream and gold 'dog label' pressing of this 12-inch disc sells for £4,999.

5. Ram - Paul McCartney
Released in 1971, this record - widely seen as a jab at John Lennon following the Beatles' split - is now worth as much as £4,104.75.

6. Bellevue/No More - Don Drummond
This seven-inch ska single was the work of Don Drummond, who ended up spending four years in a hospital for the criminally insane. In perfect condition, it's worth £3,810.

7. Under the Tree - Shide and Acorn
This record is incredibly rare - only 99 copies were ever pressed. As a result, collectors will pay a lot to get hold of a copy, and they can sell for as much as £3,301.

8. Station to Station - David Bowie
Well, we've probably all got a copy of this somewhere - but if yours is acetate, then you're in luck. Only two copies were produced as a test, so if you have one it's worth £3,248.60.

9. Three Parts to my Soul - Dr Z
Another real rarity, there are only around 80 copies of this record believed to be in existence, making it worth up to £3,200.

10. Jazz Journey - Bjarne Rostvold Trio
This came out in 1961, and a first pressing is worth £3,066.