MPs probe environmental damage from disposable drinks cups and plastic bottles


A probe into the environmental damage done by disposable drinks cups and plastic bottles is being launched.

The Commons Environmental Audit Committee said the situation needs to be looked at because only 23% of the 2.2 million tonnes of plastic used in the UK in 2014 was recycled. 

The committee is concerned there could be more plastics in the oceans than fish by 2050. 

Committee chairwoman Mary Creagh said: "Our throwaway society has given us a tide of litter on our beaches, dead seabirds and fish, and plastic in our food. 

"We all enjoy a takeaway coffee or tea, but the cups they are served in are particularly difficult to recycle because they combine plastic coating and cardboard. 

"Our inquiry will be taking a serious look at solutions like the use of different materials, behaviour change, better recycling and bottle deposit return schemes."