Squatters removed from 'Russian oligarch's' London mansion


Squatters who had been occupying a mansion in central London have been removed after a week at the property.

Police and enforcement officers from the Sheriffs Office arrived at around 7am on Wednesday to Eaton Square.

More than a dozen people who had been inside the property sat outside on the picturesque street, which is lined with townhouses.

The squatters, who say they feel "disgusted" at being removed, had bags of clothes, blankets and boxes of food with them.

Jessica Ellis, who said she had been in the multimillion-pound property for three days, described the problem of homelessness in London as "severe".

The 23-year-old from Victoria said she is "one of the lucky ones" who has got supported homeless accommodation to return to.

She said: "I have been homeless. I know the severity of the homelessness situation."

The property, reported to be owned by a Russian oligarch, should be put to good use for people in need if it is not occupied, she said.

"I think if someone like him buys a property like this and if within 12 months still hasn't lived in it or used it for anything, it should be turned into some place for the homeless."

Dwain Kaye, 32, from London, said he had been "illegally evicted" from a property in Brent and sought refuge at the squat.

He said: "When we asked for proper paperwork for our property, we came back one day to find our stuff in the streets and we had to leave."