Woman in cash battle with ex-husband seeks anonymity

A divorcee embroiled in a legal fight over money with her ex-husband is preparing to ask senior judges to bar journalists from revealing her identity.

The dispute between the pair has already been considered by a family court judge and Court of Appeal judges are set to analyse the next stage.

Family court judges overseeing divorce money fights normally hold hearings in private and litigants are often not identified.

Court of Appeal hearings are normally held in public and journalists are usually allowed to name adults involved.

But the woman says her financial affairs are ''private business'' and she wants appeal court judges to ban media organisations from identifying her in reports of the litigation.

Three Court of Appeal judges - Lady Justice Gloster, Lord Justice Lewison and Lady Justice King - are due to rule on the woman's application after analysing evidence at a hearing in London on Thursday.

Detail of the case emerged at a preliminary appeal court hearing in August, when a judge said the woman and her ex-husband should not be named until arguments about identification had been fully analysed.

Judges have heard that the woman and her ex-husband reached a cash agreement several years ago after separating.

The woman says she has since discovered that he had more money than she realised and she has made allegations of ''misrepresentation or fraud''.

She wants a judge to rule that she should get a bigger payout.

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