Mother Teresa model and make-your-own doll kit among official Royal Family gifts

The Prince of Wales was presented with weird, wonderful and mundane gifts during his official foreign tours last year.

A list of official presents from 2016, released on Thursday, revealed that Charles was given a model of Mother Teresa, a make-your-own doll kit and a straw model of a man and woman dancing when he toured the Balkans with the Duchess of Cornwall.

During the trip, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia gave the couple some creature comforts - four bottles of wine, a scarf, a bag of roasted coffee, a tie and pocket square, a shawl, an icon, a photograph album and a DVD.

When Charles and Camilla travelled to the Middle East, the King of Bahrain gave them a watch each, likely to be an exclusive brand as rulers from the region are known for their lavish presents, while the country's prime minister gave the Duchess a necklace.

The list of official gifts covered all the senior members of the Royal Family and it showed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - and their children - were showered with presents during their recent trip to Canada.

Many reflected the cultures of the indigenous people they met during their visit to the country's west coast.

William and Kate were given their own totem pole by the Carcross Tagish First Nation and they could not leave Canada without the two bottles of maple syrup presented by an unnamed individual.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were given dozens of soft toys, books, and other playthings by well-wishers.

During the visit last autumn, the Duchess was also presented with a jewellery set by Judith Guichon, the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.