13 years for drug dealers who let four-year-old girl eat drugs


Two drug dealers who allowed a four-year-old girl to eat substances including diazepam, heroin, methadone and ketamine for months before her death have been jailed for 13 years.

A judge described how Michala Pyke fed her daughter, Poppy Widdison, sedatives because she was an "inconvenience" to her "squalid passion" with John Rytting.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Pyke she was "utterly unfit to be a mother" and said to the pair: "You both bear huge responsibility for blighting the life of a pretty, vivacious little girl."

The judge described how Poppy was born a heroin addict and existed in a "swamp of drug addiction", and how her mother had a "deplorable attitude" towards an "innocent infant".