Sherlock creator Steven Moffat promises 'actiony' finale


Hit BBC drama Sherlock will be more "actiony" in Sunday night's series finale, the show's creator Steven Moffat said.

Critics have attacked the show's latest series for turning Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of Sherlock into a James Bond-like figure.

Last week the reception prompted co-writer and star Mark Gatiss to pen a poem explaining how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective had always been a skilled fighter.

And on Thursday, Moffat warned critics and fans the third episode of the fourth series, rumoured to be its last, would be more "actiony" than ever.

Speaking at a fans' and press screening of the episode, set to air on Sunday night, Moffat joked: "For all those complaints being a bit too James Bondy and actiony ... not till tonight."

Moffat also addressed the possibility of the show returning for a fifth series, saying "it could be possible" as he thanked his wife and the show's executive producer, Sue Vertue, for her work on the programme.

He said: "If this was the last one, and we are not planning it to be, but it might be ... If we never come back, and we never do another panel of the show, which is improbable, there is one thing I would like say.

"The boss of Sherlock, the number one person on Sherlock ... it's not me, or Mark, it's the person to whom I'm married."

Moffat added: "She is the person who runs all of Sherlock. She is the person who either kicks us up the arse or restrains us depending if we're being insane or lethargic.

"She's the person who made us write it in the first place She is the general. She is the chief executive officer. She is the absolutely ultimate boss of this show."

The finale of the BBC1 series airs at 9pm on Sunday.