Some hero started playing the piano at Clapham Junction to keep people calm during the Tube strike


Clapham Junction didn't look much fun on Monday morning.

See evidence below.

(Hayley Lancefield/PA)

As people switched to other forms of transport to get to work, Clapham Junction in south-west London got so busy it was evacuated. A South West Trains spokesman said: "This is the worst crowding I've seen at Clapham Junction for many years - no amount of planning can mitigate for this."

Enter the hero of the hour. Because there's nowt that brings people together like a bit of spontaneous piano playing.

Anyone else feeling way less stressed about their journey home from work after witnessing that?

Alicia Harries filmed the clip at 9.20am, after the station had been evacuated - she said it took place at the piano within the ticket hall by platform 17.

"Everyone surrounding him was listening and clapped after each song he played," she added.

Now we just need something similar to lift spirits at every train station and bus stop across London throughout the rest of the day ... who's up for a sing-song?