Donald Campbell's death to be marked at Coniston 50 years after Bluebird crash


The 50th anniversary of the death of former British land and water speed record holder Donald Campbell will be marked at the site of his fatal crash.

His daughter Gina Campbell will lay flowers on Coniston Water, where he died in his jet-powered Bluebird boat.

As the ceremony takes place, an RAF fast jet will make a low level flypast across the site in north-west England.

The flower-laying will be followed by a brief service of remembrance at the Campbell Memorial and at Coniston Cemetery, where Mr Campbell was buried.

Mr Campbell was holder of eight world speed records in the 1950s and 1960s in the Bluebird cars and boats.

On January 4 1967 he attempted a water speed record in the Bluebird K7 at Coniston Water with the target of 300mph (480km/h).

After numerous attempts the Bluebird boat reached a speed of 328mph (528km/h) but shortly after, it somersaulted, breaking in two and plunging into the water.