Free Nutella, burger, book, drink and showerhead

Pancake day freebie
Pancake day freebie

You can tell February and March are traditionally a bit depressing, because so many festivities are packed into them. If you've missed Margarita Day and Drink Wine Day, then there's always Pancake Day and World Book Day. Plus there's the chance to celebrate your own personal events - like Nutella Day and Burger Day. And whatever you are celebrating, we have the freebies that mean you can get stuck in without spending a penny.

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Free Nutella
To help you celebrate Pancake Day (or free Nutella Day), Quidco is offering 100% cashback on a jar of Nutella. Just sign up to Quidco, buy the £1.50 jar in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons or Waitrose, upload your receipt, and get your money back. The deal runs until Pancake Day.

Free Volvic
To wash down your chocolatey pancake, how about Volvic Touch of Fruit? It's a flavoured and sugar free mineral water, which is available for free though the Shopmium app. According to Latestdeals, you can just head over to Shopmium and create a free account, pick up the drink wherever you find it, upload the picture of the receipt to Shopmium, and they will send you a full refund.

Free book have an offer that'll help you make the most of World Book Day - for free. The users of Latestdeals have spotted that new users of the cashback site just need to sign up, click through and spend £10 at The Book People, and they'll get £10 back. If you're a Harry Potter fan, this actually means you can get Harry Potter and the Cursed Child parts one and two for free.

Free burger
Make today your Free Burger Day. Discount sharing site Nationed has pointed out that anyone with the Gourmet Burger Kitchen app can get a free burger and fries. You should have a message on the app if you downloaded it a while ago and haven't used it for a bit. However, even if you have only just downloaded the app, Nationed says you can just provide your customer code, and you'll get the freebie anyway. The deal is available until the end of March, Monday-Friday until 5pm, and is only available if you eat in.

Free showerhead
Once you've finished celebrating whatever day it happens to be, if you plan a quick refreshing shower, then it's worth thinking about how much water you use. The users of have pointed out that you may be able to get a free water-saving showerhead (worth £24.99), plus a pack of other water-saving goodies. These are subsidised by your water company, and not every area offers the showerhead, but it's worth checking to see if you can get one for free in your area, by popping your postcode into the website.