These videos and images from the Hogmanay celebrations show the Scots know how to bring in the new year

It's New Year's Eve and you're probably planning which party, fireworks event or drinks do to attend.

If you're in Scotland however you're probably already in full swing with you Hogmanay celebrations. And if you're in Edinburgh you may possibly have spent last night dressed as something close to a Viking or possibly Thor from the Avengers - this is definitely how New Year's should be celebrated.

Scots celebrate in Edinburgh
(Jane Barlow/PA)

So what is Hogmanay? Well it's the Scottish word for the last day of the year - supposedly derived from winter celebrations by the Norse and Viking peoples, who once came to the shores of northern Britain.

Vikings with the crowd around them
(Jane Barlow/PA)

In many ways, Hogmanay is much more special than just New Year's Eve celebrated across most of the world.

It often includes the giving of gifts between friends and family and in the past has been a bigger celebration than Christmas in Scotland - and last night thousands gathered on the streets of Edinburgh to start the celebrations.

Procession in Edinburgh
(Jane Barlow/PA)

As is tradition, the celebrations started with the annual Torchlight Procession, where thousands of torch-bearers march through Scotland's capital.

The walk was led by Shetland's Up Helly Vikings and a troupe carrying pipes and drums.

The procession culminated in a spectacular finale in the sky too, as the fireworks started an evening early for Scotland.

Fireworks in Edinburgh
(Jane Barlow/PA)

And in case you thought it was all over - last night was just the beginning.

Get your Scottish snacks ready...

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