Rex? Poppy? Bob? This can only be the most popular pet names of 2016

The RSPCA has revealed the most popular pet names of 2016.

The animal charity surveyed more than 1,226 people to collate the results - here's what they found.


Dogs top names results 2016

Got a dog called Ben or Benjamin? Well you probably know someone who does at least, as this comes out on top.

Apart from Rex, all the most common names are also common human names too. For male dogs the top three names were Ben, Max and Alfie in that order, while for the bitches Poppy takes first ahead of Daisy in second and Maisie in third.

Dog looks into camera
Definitely a Rex (Niall Carson/PA)

The results show the trends haven't changed either, as a previous RSPCA survey from back in 2001 showed the same names were popular 15 years ago.

Ben was also the most popular name then, with Max second - however Bonnie was the most popular name for female dogs and Toby, Ellie and Meg have all vanished from the top 10 in 2016.


Cats top names 2016

Fans of A Streetcat Named Bob will be pleased with the feline results.

Bob comes out on top in another top 10 featuring just one non-human name - again in seventh place - with Smokey.

Larry the cat outside Downing Street
Larry was not the most popular name (Hannah McKay/PA)

For male cats Smokey came in third place, behind Bob and Charlie. Meanwhile for the females Bella takes top spot followed by Molly and Jess or Jessie.

Back in 2001 it was a different picture, with Tigger or Tiger on top and Misty in third - which both don't appear this year.

Harriet and Blackie have also disappeared from the list, but Charlie was second then too and many the rest of the top 10 were largely still popular.

And humans?

Baby holds mothers finger
We don't mean you called your child Smokey (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

The RSPCA said the results suggest the same quirks which affect baby names also work with pets.

"Bob could be popular among cat owners due to the popularity of the book and film, A Street Cat Called Bob, while dog names such as Alfie have surged in popularity not just among pet owners but also parents," said RSPCA animal welfare expert Lisa Richards.

"In fact, if you compare these lists with the 2016 list of the most popular baby names there is some crossover. Jack, Charlie and Bella - or Isabella - all make the top 10 lists for baby names and pet names."

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