Police break up illegal rave as 1,000 party-goers descend on Dartmoor

Police have broken up an illegal Boxing Day rave being held on Dartmoor.

About 1,000 revellers attended the event in the hamlet of Bellever, near Postbridge, Devon, last night.

Devon and Cornwall Police said three sound rigs had been dismantled and the rave was now over, although about 500 remained at the scene.

The force said it was concerned for the welfare of those that attended given the freezing temperatures last night.

Chief Inspector Richard Hooper-Bennett said: "Our concerns are both for the people in attendance, and the impact on the local community.

"It has been an exceptionally cold night and a few people could be worse for wear, so we will be making sure that this dispersal is done calmly and people only allowed to leave the area when they are fit to do so.

"Dispersal orders are now in place and all three sound rigs have been dismantled, we also have traffic police here who will be ensuring drivers are in a fit state and their cars are roadworthy before being allowed to leave the area.

"At this time we have had no arrests or any vehicles or sound equipment seized. There are still around 500 people here and we expect this to take a few more hours before all people have left.

"I would like to thank the local people of Postbridge for their patience."

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