17 times politics briefly broke off from making us cry in 2016 to make us laugh


There's no denying 2016 was an insane, surprising and, for many, a depressing year in politics.

David Cameron called a referendum he didn't want and 51.9% of the UK voted for to leave the EU. Donald Trump went from a ridiculous millionaire TV reality star to a ridiculous President-elect of the United States, and far right wing parties around the world began to enjoy a new found swing in that direction.

Lots of comical stuff happened too though. Bear with us... Here's the run down from back in January when we all had high hopes to December.

1. MPs debated whether or not to allow Donald Trump into the UK in the House of Commons. 

(Gerry Broome/AP)
(Gerry Broome/AP)

Which is really awkward now seeing as he's the future president of the United States. MPs HAD to debate it because more than 565,000 people signed a petition to ban the businessman and reality TV star after he demanded a block on Muslims entering the US and claimed parts of London were "so radicalised" that police were "afraid of their own lives".

2. People crowdfunded to buy Jeremy Corbyn a new bike.

If you needed convincing, the people love Corbyn. Everyone just really wanted to buy the guy his dream bike - an aluminium-framed Radleigh Criterium. When £6,000 was raised it was given to charity instead.

3. David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn got sassy with a mum jokes in the House of Commons.

During a discussion on the NHS, someone bellowed out from the benches asking Cameron what his mother would think about the problems in the health service. The PM turned his fire on Corbyn, quipping: "Ask my mother? I think I know what my mother would say. I think she would look across the despatch box and she would say 'Put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem'."

4. An MP got red carded from the House of Commons for calling Cameron "dodgy".

MP Dennis Skinner got sent out after repeatedly calling the PM "dodgy Dave" amid an offshore bank row where Cameron admitted he'd made a £19,000 profit from an offshore fund set up by his dad.  Skinner refused to withdraw the word "dodgy" when asked by the speaker so he was thrown out of the room. You rebel Dennis.

5. Barack Obama did the coolest presidential exit ever with a mic drop. 

At the end of a speech at his final White House Correspondents dinner Obama spoke about his seven-plus years in office and joked about Donald Trump before saying: "I just have two more words to say: 'Obama out'."

6. Boris Johnson brandished Cornish pasty to launch his Leave campaign roadshow  - and they're EU protected. 

(Stefan Rousseau/PA)
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

The first outing of the Leave battlebus tour was in Truro, Cornwall, so Boris waved a pasty at the crowds. As you do. The irony was lost on Boris though. Since 1993, the EU has provided a framework that gives legal protection for named regional food products against imitation. So leaving the EU may seriously affect genuine (12.5% beef and 12.5% veg inside crimped pastry) Cornish pasties.

7. Someone created a mural of Boris and Trump in Bristol.

(Ben Birchall/PA)
(Ben Birchall/PA)

In the lead up to the referendum vote date - this marvellous painting said it all.

8. We learned Michael Gove claps like this.

It's mesmerising isn't it? This video of him clapping in four different ways emerged after he announced his bid for Tory leadership - while stabbing former favourite and Leave pal Boris Johnson in the back (so some people said).

9. Jeremy Corbyn's doppelganger appeared at Labour HQ and chaos ensued. 

Corbyn's future as the Labour leading was all up in the end after a vote of no confidence by his own party members. So when a lookalike left a Labour NEC meeting he was met with cheers, laughter and a lot of angry shouting.

10. Boris Johnson wiped out a 10-year-old during a game of street rugby in Japan.

We gotta give it to him, Boris REALLY wanted to win.

11. Angela Eagle's reaction to Boris Johnson being made foreign secretary was caught on camera. 

We know Angela, we know.  Among other things, Boris has described Barack Obama having "an ancestral dislike" of the UK based on his "part-Kenyan" heritage and said Hillary Clinton had "a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital".

Very diplomatic.

12. Michael Gove was sacked. 

(Stefan Rousseau/PA)
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

In the wake of the Brexit vote we all needed some good news. After helping to spread the £350m-a-week NHS funding message to persuade people to vote Leave, before turning on fellow Leave pal Boris and going for PM himself, the Justice Secretary ended up with no job at all.

13. Some genius built a wall around Donald Trump's star.

Trump's proposal to built a wall along the US Mexican boarder wasn't funny, but this wall around Trump's Hollywood star definitely was.

14. Bernie Sanders tweeted this really sad photo of himself watching the first presidential TV debate between Clinton and Trump.

Oh Bernie.

15. Hillary Clinton and her team (including Bon Jovi) did an epic mannequin challenge on Election Day.

The calm before the, ahem, storm

16. All the times Joe Biden was a meme.

Love for Obama's right hand man was strong in 2016. It's been a good year for Joe Biden memes.

17. Ed Miliband appeared as a stock photo on US TV.

After resigning as leader of the Labour Party following a defeat in the general election in 2015, he's popped up during the EU referendum debate but has largely been Awol this year. Until a photo of him blowing his nose appeared as a stock photo. If you're ever worried your career is going down the drain...