Fox hunting is proving an emotive topic once again as support for the ban 'reaches an all time high'


Fox hunting is an issue that can sharply divide opinion - but it seems the nation is more united over this topic than ever before.

The League Against Cruel Sports said today polling showed the opposition to fox hunting had increased again, with 84% of the 1,986 people quizzed in an Ipsos MORI survey saying it should not be made legal again.

That figure's being reported as an all-time high - and it's reflected on social media, where #keeptheban was trending for most of the day.

League Against Cruel Sports chief executive Eduardo Goncalves said: "The Boxing Day hunts are portrayed as a glorious pageant taking place in front of a huge number of people who support them, but the truth is very different.

"The fact is 84% of the public do not want fox hunting made legal.

"Just because families might venture out on Boxing Day to see the hunt, stroke the dogs or watch the horses, doesn't mean they support repealing a law to enable the hunt to chase and kill wild animals with their dogs for sport."

Fox hunting with dogs has been banned since 2004, but drag hunting, where hounds are trained to follow an artificial trail, remains legal.

Anti-hunt campaigners claim illegal hunting of foxes continues, but the Countryside Alliance said nobody connected to one of the more than 300 hunts in England and Wales registered with Council of Hunting Associations had been convicted of hunting offences in the past two years.

Hounds on the West Raynham hunt
(Chris Radburn/PA)

There was some support on Twitter for a repeal of the ban - but not a lot.

We suspect that won't be happening any time soon...