This is what one US electoral college voter thought of letters asking him to go against Trump

Anti-Donald Trump protesters put a lot of energy into sending letters and leaflets to members of the electoral college, begging them not to cast their votes for the controversial president-elect.

Here's what happened to the letters that were sent to Richard Jones, sheriff of Butler County in Ohio and a representative of the Republican Party in the electoral college.

Yeah, he burned them.

The electoral college vote had been seen by some Democrats as a desperate last chance to keep Trump out of office.

Earlier this week college members cast their votes in a process that effectively rubber stamps the result of the presidential election.

Electoral College member Richard Jones signs his ballot in Columbus
Richard Jones did not revolt against Donald Trump when he cast his vote on Monday (Kyle Robertson/AP)

Each member of the college is expected to vote for the candidate their state chose at the polls in November, but there were vague hopes from liberals that Republican members might revolt and go against Trump.

It didn't happen, with Trump bagging 304 votes - one of them from Jones - to Hillary Clinton's 227, and that left the sheriff, one of 18 voters from Ohio, in the mood for a celebration.

That's the hopes and dreams of Democrats very literally going up in smoke.

And while the stunt may have been a red rag to a bull to Democrats, Jones' followers certainly seemed to enjoy it.

No doubt very satisfying, but we can't see it doing much to heal the divide in US politics.

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